It’s time we talked … Parent to parent and connect on what we want and need so our children are safe and empowered to learn in the digital world.

Technology is a big part of the world we live in for ourselves as parents and our children. Let’s face it, parenting in the digital age is tough, often relentless and is unprecedented!

Pre-technology boundaries between home and school are near extinct and many of the old parenting challenges are made new and often more complex.

Navigating ways to both empower learning and protect our children can be tricky, confusing and time-consuming, but it has never been more important as parents and via education that we get this right!

This national conversation is about bringing together parents from throughout Australia to discuss the issues around parenting in the digital age and develop a shared understanding of what is needed.

Join the #parentech conversation and share your concerns and insights, develop understanding and skills and let’s collaborate together to develop useable solutions to parenting in the digital age!

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